ERC Walk and Trot 2

1st Jane Mosses Golden Boy 65.88%
2nd Natalie Tharme Dilly 64.71%
3rd Charlotte Warnes Clancy 63.52%
4th Shauna Godber Dudley 61.17%
5th Stacey Tiley Chester 59.41%
6th Ella Ricci Scooby 58.80%

Prelim 4 (2002)

1st Julie Vastenhout Alto Brisa 66.86%
2nd Jane Mosses Golden Boy 65.45%
3rd Dawn Welham Connor  
4th Penny Wilbourne Reggie  
5th Shauna Godber Dudley  
6th Charlotte Warnes Clancy  

Sorry for missing percentages, but these dissolved in the damp conditions!

Novice 27 (2007)

1st Penny Wilbourne Reggie 59.54%
2nd Denise Hughes Rhino 58.21%
3rd Dawn Welham Connor 57.50%