Walk and Trot Intro B (2009)

1st Catherine Johnson Leith Limerick 64.7%
2nd Lily Cooper Rosie 61.3%
3rd Aislinn Dunne Be In Love 59.5%
4th Aislinn Dunne Elsa 59.1%
5th Jo Portus Rio 57.8%
5th Elise Hart Oakwood Mr T 57.8%
6th Eleanor Boman Charlie 56.1%

PP - Previously placed in same class

Prelim 18 (2002)

1st Sandra Bernstein Seamus 61.3%
2nd Eleanor Boman Charlie 60.4%
3rd Sophie Cleden Indie 59.5%
4th Paula Brazier Bahale Spirit 59.1%
5th Elise Hart Oakwood Mr T 57.5%