Class 1 (40cm Lead Rein)

1st Jasmine Middleton Haffie

Class 2 (40cm)

1st Justine Alcroft Ebony
2nd Cerys Hill Pardy
3rd Cerys Hill Haffie

Class 3 (Horse and Hound)

1st Cara McKinnon Romeo
2nd Emily Bean Bubbles
3rd Emily Hunt Glen

Plus all their dogs and runners....

Class 4 (60cm)

1st Lauren Huddy Morris
2nd Southerly Roberts Fizz
3rd Southerly Roberts Lewis
4th Kate Dineen Beth
5th Cara McKinnon Romeo
6th Emily Bean Bubbles

Class 5 (1m)

1st Southerly Roberts Fizz
2nd Justin Alcroft Ringo

Class 6 (Chase Me Charlie)

1st Justine Alcroft Ringo
2nd Southerly Roberts Fizz
3rd Lauren Huddy Morris
4th Cerys Hill Haffie
5th Cerys Hill Pardy