Class 1 & 2 (30cm off and on lead rein)

1st Alina Elrick (m) Rio
2nd Tegan Ronnie
3rd Jenna Elrick (m) Harry
4th Dawn Fenton (m) Finlay
5th Ben Vincent (m) Trudi
6th Pippa Simpson (m) Cookie Monster

Class 3 (Horse and Hound)

1st Cara McKinnon (m) Red House Romeo
2nd Pippa Simpson (m) Cookie Monster
3rd Ben Vincent (m) Trudi
4th Raychell Langan (m) Jacob
5th Katie Bean (m) Jack

Plus all their dogs and runners....

Class 4 (40 to 50 cm)

1st Jessie Alcroft (m) Lilly
2nd Marie Hyde Rockie
3rd Dawn Fenton (m) Finlay
4th Alina Elrick (m) Rio
5th Raychell Langan(m) Jacob
6th Hattie Simpson (m) Blue Moon

Class 5 (60 to 70 cm)

1st Katie Bean (m) Jack
2nd Cara McKinnon (m) Red House Romeo
3rd Marie Hyde Rockie
4th Emily Bean (m) Bubbles
5th Sarah Ronnie
6th Kate Dineen (m) Beth

Class 6 (80 to 90 cm)

1st Marie Hyde Rockie
2nd Jessie Alcroft (m) Royal Flash
3rd Cara McKinnon (m) Red House Romeo


Class 7 (Chase Me Charlie)

1st Jessie Alcroft (m) Royal Flash
2nd Kate Dineen (m) Beth
3rd Emily Bean (m) Bubbles
4th Jackie Harkins (m) Marques